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Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana History
Picture pages:  Congress Square  |   Castle   |   Buildings   |   Sava River   |   St. Nicholas Cathedral   |   Market area  

The coach ride from Lake Bled to Ljubljana (Lub-ee-on-a) took about an hour.  We arrived at Congress Square to meet our 2 tour guides.  Our small group had Martin to give us a walking tour of the capital city.  

Ljubljana means "To Kiss" or "Kissing Town."  The population is about 280,000.  The Slavic people arrived in the 6th century from what is now Ukraine, Poland and Eastern Germany.  See the complete history page.  I did notice a lot of bicycles in the old town where we walked.

Lubljana Castle was easily seen on the hill overlooking the capital.  Unfortunately, we did not have a chance to visit the castle.  There were numerous historic buildings on the walk.  We crossed the Sava River a few times on the stone bridges.

On the right bank was the St. Nicholas Cathedral and market area.  Thank goodness the merchants took US dollars for the little things we bought - postcards, spices, magnets.

We arrived back in Lake Bled for dinner on our own.  This is when we took the walk half way around the lake, stopping in the local church on the other side and generally getting some good exercise.

This was an enjoyable town to walk around and admire the old architecture, river, and people.

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