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Zagreb, Croatia
Lake Bled, Slovenia
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Bohinj, Slovenia
Postojna Cave, Slovenia
Opatija, Croatia
Udine & Trieste, Italy
Moscenice, Croatia
Riviera Boat Ride
Zadar, Croatia
Dalmatian Coast
Split, Croatia
Dubrovnik, Croatia
Cavtat, Croatia
Plitvice Lakes Park, Croatia

Croatia Adventure
with trips to Slovenia, Italy & Montenegro

4 Nov 2004 - 18 Nov 2004

This trip was a group tour with a total of 36 travelers.  

We left 5 days early to visit relatives and friends on Long Island and visit New York City.  We flew from Tucson to LaGuardia Airport to be picked up by my cousin and brother.

We used the Long Island Railroad to get to Manhattan.  We visited Ground Zero and walked around lower Manhattan.  We then used the subway to travel to the extreme northern tip of Manhattan to visit the Cloisters.  It was closed on Sunday so we came back the next day and really enjoyed the fall foliage in the park and on the New Jersey shore just above the George Washington Bridge.  The Cloisters was fantastic.  Then we used the local bus and subway again to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Some of the Egyptian artifacts reminded us of our trip to that country.

Our departure to Croatia was on Lufthansa Airlines from JFK Airport left around 9:30 p.m. for a 7 hour flight to Frankfurt.  We changed aircraft for the final leg to Zagreb.  We had some turbulence about one hour out of JFK and again about one hour before landing in Frankfurt.   Otherwise we had a great flight.  Our seats on the Boeing 747 were in row 55, which had only 2 seats with extra space to the side of the seat by the bulkhead.   We had the same seats on the return flight.

Our adventure starts in Zagreb    

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