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Creel is the the regional center for the local Tarahumara people.  It's a logging town that's home to the Tarahumara Children's Hospital.  Members of the Tamahumara Tribe receive free dental and health care from a full-time and volunteer staff.  A volunteer from England gave a short presentation and tour of the clinic.  We bought a few items in the gift shop that is stocked with items donated by patient families.

The next stop was to visit the Mennonites community of Cuauhtemoc.  The family we visited offered home-made cookies, cakes and cheese.  We were allowed to wander around their farm.  They had every kind of farm animal plus their agricultural fields.  About 50,000 Mennonites live in the area.  They were allowed to settle, with land ownership, in the 1920s after the Mexican Revolution.

Traveling east through the Sierra foothills and then the Chihuahuan desert. We had lunch in Cuidad Guerreo; the restaurant was in the middle of an apple orchard.

Travel time was about 6 hours today when we arrived in Chihuahua City.

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