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It was another long 9-hour travel day from San Carlos El Fuerte with a lunch stop in Navojoa.  

The El Fuerte Hotel was originally a hacienda on the bank of the Rio Fuerte. I would rate this as the best hotel on the trip.  It was within a few blocks of the fort, central plaza, market and the Fuerte River.  We had a walking tour of the central plaza area or zocalo.

In the evening we were treated to margaritas and the music and dance of local musicians before dinner.

In the morning we traveled to the mission village of Tehueco to learn about the Mayo people.  After a short informative lecture about the village we were warmly greeted and treated to traditional dances and musical instruments.  A local family showed us how to make tortillas which we then sampled.  There was a tour of the school and many questions for the three teachers that were performing a 2 year internship.  They graduated from a 3-year teachers college and earn about USD $500/month.  Class size is 25-30 students.

For lunch small groups of 5 or 6 people were invited to individual homes.  I was invited to the home of Lupita for a simple meal of rice, beef and potato.  Her house had 2 bedrooms with a small kitchen.  All the cooking is done outside.  The Mayo indigenous people are largely an agricultural society, farming corn, squash and beans.  They number about 20,000 in Sinaloa state with about 72 tribes on the Rio Fuerte.

The afternoon offered a change of pace with a boat excursion on the Rio Fuerte with a stop for a short walk to 1500-year old Nahuati Petroglyphs.  A local guide interpreted the petroglyphs and explained some of the history.  It was an enjoyable time just floating on the Rio Fuerte.

The next morning we left for the train station.  

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