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We arrived at Divisadero, a small settlement on the rim of the canyon,  about 2:30 p.m.  There was enough time to shop at the local Tamahumara vendors (famous for weavings, basketry and woodcarvings), admire the canyon from the hotel lounge and hike to the edge of a cliff to meet a Tamahumara family that lives in a cave.  We were at 9,000 feet elevation with the canyon floor below at 5,000 feet at the Urique River

The Divisadero Barrancas Lodge was on the edge of the canyon.  We had great meals with home-made soups that were absolutely delicious.  Some of the best food we had on the trip was here in the canyon.

The following day we had the opportunity to view Copper Canyon from many different vantage points.  There was a short trip to Divisadero to visit a local medicine man who was 76 years old and had 15 children.  He manages a small farm with a variety of animals.

Nine people in our tour group went on a 35 minute hike to the local Tamahumara school.  Unfortunately, school was on holiday for Mother's Day.  A few children and caretakers were there to give us a tour.  The children board at the school during the week.  For some children it's a walk of a couple of hours to get to the school.

After two days living on the edge of Copper Canyon, we began a six-hour journey to Chihuahua with our first stop in Creel.

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