Frederick Schuler & Barbara Goetz Marriage
4 Nov 1869

From Marriage Records of St. Nicholas Church, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.  This entry was added later (ca 1919) and was typed, as apposed to handwritten, in Latin.

Die 4 Novembris, A. D. 1869, Rev. Petrus Conradus Nagel in matrimonium conjunxit FREDERICUM SCHULER (159 Barney Street), natum Hiltersberg, apud Kaiserslautern, in Rheno-Bavaria, die 16. Maji, 1847, ex Joanne Schuler (Hiltersberg) et Elisabeth Stilp (Hiltersberg); et BARBARAM GOETZ (36 Lehigh Street), natam Weitersweiler, in Rheno-Bavaria, die 30. Martii, 1850, ex Casparo Goetz et Fracisca Walter (Weitersweiler).

Testes Fuerunt Joannes Meter et Catharina Goetz (soror sponsae); Philippus Blaum et Helena Widemann; Carolus Stegmaier et Maria Klos (consobrina sponsae).

Die 4. Novembris, A.D. 1919, supradicti conjuges, celebrantes anniversarium quinquagesimum numpiarum, et tres testes adhuc viventes praesentesque, nimirum, Philippus Blaum ejusque uxor Helena, nata Widemann, et Carolus Stegmaier, coran me testificati sunt de veritate supradicti.

(Signed) Carolus J. Goeckel, Pastor

( "soror sponsae" is sister of the bride, and "consobrina sponsae" is female cousin of the bride.)
Wilkes-Barre Times, 4 Nov 1919: (A picture accompanied the article but it did not copy well from the old newsprint.)

 Local Couple Celebrates Golden Wedding Today

   Mr. and Mrs. Fred Schuler, of 118 Hazle Street, observed their fiftieth wedding anniversary today.  Children, grandchildren and friends joined them in making the celebration today one which will never be forgotten by them.
   A nuptial high mass was celebrated at nine o'clock this morning in St. Nicholas church the same church where the couple were married fifty years ago.  The mass was celebrated by Rev. Father Goeckle.  The altar had been very prettily decorated with flowers and palms.  Mr. and Mrs. Schuler were escorted to the altar by fifty little girls who were all attractively dressed in white.
   A wedding breakfast was served to the immediate relatives, following the mass at the Schuler home on Hazle Street.  At five o'clock this afternoon, the relatives and friends will give a dinner at the Dresden in their honor.  A splendid program has been arranged and the evening will be a most pleasant one.  There is a strong family affection existing in the Schuler family and for a number of years social affairs have been given in honor of the aged couple.  A big surprise dinner was given Mr. and Mrs. Schuler on November 4, 1914, on the forty-fifth anniversary of their marriage.
   Among the guests at the wedding today were four of the six attendants at the wedding fifty years ago.  They are Charles Stegmaier of 260 Blackman Street, Mr. and Mrs. Philip Blaum, of 24 Grove Street, who celebrate their golden wedding anniversary next June and Mrs. Catherine Festavand of Sioux City, Iowa.
   Mr. and Mrs. Schuler are the parents of the following children: William S. Schuler, Mrs. Catherine Forve, Mrs. Anna Schmitt, Fred, Frank, Ralph, George and Lawrence Schuler and twelve children.
   Three children and one grandchild fought with the A. E. F. during the war with Germany.  Ralph L. Schuler served eleven months in France with the Fourth Corps Artillery; George V. Schuler served thirteen months in France as a member of the Eighth Field Artillery; Lawrence Schuler was with the Medical Escort Department stationer at New York, William H. Schuler, a grandchild, was a member of the Fifth United States Marines, serving ten months in France.
   Mr. and Mrs. Schuler were married in St. Nicholas Church by the late Father Nagle.  Mr. Schuler is a shoemaker by trade and has conducted a shop on Hazle Street for forth-one years.  He was born in Hildesberg, Germany, seventy-two years ago and came to Wilkes-Barre when 10 years of age.  Mrs. Schuler was born in Kerschenlauten, Germany, sixty-nine years ago and came to this country with her parents when 4 years of age.
   Mr. and Mrs. Schuler have a host of friends throughout the valley and the happy couple were receiving congratulations throughout the day.