Jacob Walter and Mathilda Schappert family
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Jacob Walter family page


walter-7.jpg (71401 bytes)
About 1912
Back: Regina, Louis, Edward
Front: Alberta, Kathleen, Mary & baby Ruth

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About 1916
Back: Mary, Regina
Front: Ruth, Kathleen, Alberta
Fred and Paul


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About 1917
Paul, Fred, Ruth, Kathleen, Alberta, Mary, Regina, Ed

walter-10.jpg (42725 bytes)
Standing: Alberta, ED, Regina, Louis, Mary
Sitting: Kathleen, Jacob & Joseph, Paul & Fred, Mathilda, Ruth

walter-all10.jpg (44409 bytes)
12 September 1920
Back: Ed, Mathilda, Jacob, Louis
Middle: Kathleen, Alberta, Regina, Mary
Front: Fred, Paul, gm Elizabeth Schappert, Joe, Ruth

walter-ladies.jpg (53783 bytes)
Back: Alberta, Uncle Carl Schappert, Mary, Regina
Front: Ruth, Kathleen, Fred

Walter-10-older.jpg (90683 bytes)
About 1928
(? at Louis ordination)
 10 children with Jacob and Mathilda
walter-extended.jpg (81882 bytes)
About 1928
Extended family