Walter Family

I am trying to dig up my family roots and obtain  information on my ancestors and other relatives.  I have collected a lot of material so far, but I need help on many of the families.  
If you have information or family pictures to add, please contact me.

"To rescue a name is to rescue a life from oblivion."

In the 1920 U.S. Census there were 1,647 Walter families with most living in Pennsylvania.

Direct Ancestors:

Phillip Walter       My great-great grandfather
Gottfried Walter  My great-grandfather
Jacob Walter      My grandfather

of Surnames
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Thanks to the following individuals for providing family information & pictures:  Pat Belsky, Kay Gebhardt, Peggy Rukstalis, Connie Everhart, Joan Bennis, Mary Frances Moore, Cindi Zimmerman, Helen O'Brien, Jack Miller, Francis F. Walter, Raymond Sauers, Sr.

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