henna01.jpg (56973 bytes)
Dye is squeezed from syringe
henna02.jpg (50943 bytes)
Design is made
henna03.jpg (53478 bytes)
Hand heated over charcoal fire
henna04.jpg (58628 bytes)
Kirsten's design
henna05.jpg (70051 bytes)
She even has a finger done
henna06.jpg (63235 bytes)
Just about done
henna07.jpg (63434 bytes)
Kirsten heating hand over fire
henna08.jpg (74484 bytes)
My hand being done
|  Tinerhir henna10.jpg (77353 bytes)
Kirsten in back and mine in front
henna11.jpg (73680 bytes)
Some of the many designs
henna14.jpg (71668 bytes)
This was the group that had henna done