Dades Valley

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Village and vegetation as we go up the Dades Valley
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More of the village
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And more vegetation
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Some newer buildings
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Old dwellings on cliff
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Lush vegetation
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New building on side of hill
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The Dades River
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The "brains" of the Atlas Mountains
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More of the "brain"
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Another small village
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Some farms around the village and river
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Zig-zag road up the river valley
dades valley15.jpg (98163 bytes)Some of the gorge dades valley22.jpg (97981 bytes)
Walking down the road
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The Dades River
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Sheep on the road
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Herd going across the road and down embankment
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Animal shelter in cliff
dades valley24.jpg (107651 bytes)
Lady on donkey allowed me to take photo
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