city02.jpg (83251 bytes)
Intersection with Avenue Hassan II
city01.jpg (50811 bytes)
Apartment complex
city03.jpg (58810 bytes)
Taken from our hotel balcony, looking out to the city and Rif Mountains
city10.jpg (78896 bytes)
Hill above the city looking to the Rif Mountains
city11.jpg (81558 bytes)
Another view of the city
city12.jpg (76313 bytes)
More of the Rif Mountains
city13.jpg (68085 bytes)
Views of the vegetation
city14.jpg (64122 bytes)
More greenery
city09.jpg (91707 bytes)
Spice shop
city08.jpg (88781 bytes)
Local residence
city07.jpg (76637 bytes)
Local street
city06.jpg (81294 bytes)
"Dead" wool
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Outside our hotel
city04.jpg (121657 bytes)
Taxi car wash below our hotel