Homes and Streets

homes01.jpg (57344 bytes)
Coming from the airport
homes02.jpg (86395 bytes)
Better area of town
homes03.jpg (67714 bytes)
Nice house

homes04.jpg (74363 bytes)

Another nice house

homes05.jpg (98900 bytes)
Residential street
homes06.jpg (61604 bytes)

Apartment building

streets01.jpg (72729 bytes)
Typical palm lined street
streets02.jpg (78543 bytes)
Residential street
streets03.jpg (68925 bytes)
Local neighborhood
streets04.jpg (56058 bytes)
Street cafe
streets05.jpg (61419 bytes)
School children
streets06.jpg (99338 bytes)
Shaded street
streets08.jpg (90619 bytes)
Shaded walk
streets09.jpg (72667 bytes)
Big fountain
streets10.jpg (88261 bytes)
Local street
streets11.jpg (69764 bytes)
Gate and wall of the medina

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