March 1999

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This trip was an extension to the vacation in Egypt.  We flew from Cairo to Amman, Jordan.  The capital city was very clean with a modern look and feel.  Signs were in English and Arabic, so it was easy to get around.  Most everybody spoke English, which also made things go easier.  The images were scanned from photographs taken on our trip.

Our guide for this trip was a Christian, born in Madaba, Jordan.  He accompanied us on all our excursions.  The places we visited included:  Amman, Jerash, The Dead Sea, , Ajlun Castle, traveled the King's Highway to Madaba, Mt. Nebo, and Petra.

We had dinner with a local family in Amman.  The family consisted of 11 children (not all were at home when we visited) and our group of 10.  We had a great dinner talking with the children who were learning English.

Overall the trip was very enjoyable.

Our destinations are in the order on the menu links on the left.

The map below shows Amman and the trip north to Jerash & Ajlun fortress.  The rest of the trip was south on the King's (Desert) Highway to Petra.

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