Bratislawa, Slovakia

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Border Crossing
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We passed through Slovakia on our way to Budapest.  We crossed at the border town of Cieszyn.  We passed miles of trucks waiting to cross the border.  Sometimes it can take up to 24 hours for the truck inspections and customs.

We, on the other hand, just keep on driving and found we were the first bus - no line.  The passenger cars had a double lane of about 30 to 40 in each lane.  Cars were inspected at random.

For us, the passports were collected by an immigration officer, taken to his office and stamped.  No other inspection was done.  We never had to leave the bus.

We then drove on to the capital of Bratislawa to the Danube Hotel to have lunch.  The Bratislawa Castle can be seen from the hotel restaurant.  It was a great rest stop with beautiful snow falling.  Glad I did not have to drive that day.

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