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We arrived in Beijing on April 1, 2000 at 7 p.m., then a 30 minute drive to the hotel.

The trip started (March 31, 2000) from Tucson via LAX to Vancouver to Beijing (about 12 hour flight).  Coming home was from from Hong Kong to Vancouver to LAX to Tucson.  Our total visit lasted 20 days.

All the digital pictures on the following web pages were scanned from actual photographs I took on the trip.  This trip was taken years before I had a digital camera. 

The menu on the left is the order in which we visited each city.

Below is a map of our trip.  The travel from Beijing to Xi'an was by couch train.

Our guide told us some of the things that the Chinese hoped to obtain with an improved economy:  in the 1970s it was a watch, sewing machine and a bicycle; in the 1980s it was a washing machine, TV and refrigerator; in the 1990s it was a car, computer and a house.

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