Lake Louise

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Picture Pages:  The Lake  |  Hike  |  Moraine Lake 

We arrived at Lake Louise around lunchtime.  The parking lots were filling up fast.  The small lake was a deep green color with Victoria Glacier behind the lake.  We decided to hike up to Mirror Lake to get away from the crowds.  Mirror Lake was only a small "pond" but a resting point since the hike was all uphill.  The next stop was Agnes Lake and the Teahouse at the top of the mountain (a 2 mile hike).  Water from Agnes Lake formed the Bridal Waterfall where we stopped and rested.  At the Teahouse we had the house special lemonade.  The return hike was nice since it was all downhill. 

Moraine Lake, formed from an ancient glacier,  was our next stop.  It is reported to be one of the most photographed lakes in the region.  It was late in the afternoon with the parking lot full and cars and RVs backed up on the road.  We only stayed a short time since it started to rain. 

We then headed north on the Icefield Parkway.