Thursday - April 4, 2002

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British Museum
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Hampstead Heath

Today was laundry and moving day.  After one week in London, we went to a local launderette, so would have some clean clothes, then packed our bags to change hotels.  Using the Underground we needed to change trains to the Euston Station and then walked 2 short blocks to our new hotel - the Thistle Euston.  We arrived too early to get a room, so checked our bags and off we went.

This time we did find the London Aquarium and enjoyed the exhibits.  Besides the usual large tanks, sharks and other fish, John went to the room where there was a shallow tank and about 5 Sting Rays you could bet - actually touch.  Some Sting Rays actually turned over so you could touch their underside.  Interesting!  

Then it was off to Sir John Soane's Museum.  This gentleman turned his 4-story house into a museum of his art treasures and architecture.  Walking we saw some great buildings on the local streets.  Only a few blocks away was the huge British Museum.  We wanted to see "the" Rosetta stone since we visited Egypt and received a good history lesson on translating hieroglyphics.  The huge circular reading room was also impressive.  In the afternoon we returned to the hotel to receive our room key then it was off again.

This time we went to Hampstead, just north of London, to walk the heath and get a good view of London.  We had dinner on the main street while watching the locals.  We did get a little lost (again) walking around but the local constable was very helpful along with a bus driver.  It was wonderful seeing the large open space around the heath, the view of London from on top of the hill and seeing all the people out playing on the grass.  We needed to change buses at Piccadilly to get back to our new hotel.  

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