Sunday - March 31, 2002

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Tower of London
Tower Bridge
HMS Belfast
London Bridge
London Dungeon
Southwark Cathedral
Leicester Square
Planet Hollywood
Swiss Cottage Restaurant

The morning news was full of the Queen Mother's death and speculation about laying in state and the funeral.  No final plans were forthcoming yet.

Had a full day planned for today.  We wanted to see some sights in central London.  Off on the Underground for our first stop at the Tower of London.  We spent all morning inside the walls.  Saw some of the crown jewels, walked the fortress walls, visited the museum buildings and witnessed a reenactment of a battle using muskets.

We then walked across the Thames via Tower Bridge and saw the "new" London Bridge.  (The original London Bridge is now in Lake Havasu City, Arizona - which we visited a few years ago.)  

On the south bank of the Thames we walked on board the HMS Belfast, a WWII ship.  It was interesting to walk around the ship and especially nice to enter the gun turrets.  Next was the London Dungeon where the stories of London's infamous past came to life - royal and church tortures and executions, Jack-the-Ripper, the London plague and fire.  We both felt it was a waste of our time (we only went because it was free on our London Pass).

Then we had a short walk to Southwark Cathedral.  A choir was rehearsing for a choral presentation that afternoon on Easter Sunday.  It was nice listening to the organ music and singing.  Kirsten then wanted to visit a few used book stores around Charing Cross.  She found a few books she was looking for.  There were about 6 used book stores in just one block.  Since we were close to Leicester Square and Chinatown, we had fun mixing with people in the crowded streets.  Before we knew it we were back at Piccadilly Circus.  This area seemed to be a drawing point because the streets were always packed with people.

Walking past the Planet Hollywood store we noticed a scantily clothed lad with gray skin.  Kirsten at first thought it was a figurine by the front door - until he moved.  I took his picture to show him his bad skin color and all three of us had a good laugh.  There are quite a few theaters in the area with Trafalgar Square only a few blocks away.  Didn't get back to the hotel until after 7 p.m., then left almost immediately for dinner.

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