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The flight from Melbourne was about 1 hour and 15 minutes arriving at Hobart airport close to 6 p.m.  Our hotel, Old Woolstore Apartment Hotel, was about 20 km from the airport.  This was our home for the next two nights.  We crossed the Derwent River via the Tasman Bridge.  We were within walking distance of downtown and the shopping mall on Elizabeth St.  The Victoria Dock (home to fishing boats) was only a couple blocks away.

We are now on Day 16 (of 27) of our adventure.  The day started with a short tour of Hobart going by the Theatre Royal - the oldest in all of Australia - and Battery Point.   Leaving the city we headed northwest past Glenorchy and New Norfolk to Mount Field National Park.  Along the way we saw many wallabies by the roadside.  As we went into the visitor's centre it started to rain, a light drizzle.  It did not slow anyone down as we walked to Russell Falls (about 15 minutes one way).  Along the path was wide range of  vegetation.  There were tall swamp gum trees with a rainforest under story and immense tree ferns near the foot of the mountain.  Some of the trees in this area are among the tallest in the world, having grown here for more than four centuries.

On the return to the visitor's centre we had a special barbeque for our tour.  It sure was nice having warm soup and hot food after the walk in the rain.  

Leaving the park we headed back to Hobart but in a more easterly direction so we would be on the east side of the Derwent River.  We were driving towards the town of Brighton to visit a unique area called Bonorong Wildlife Park.  This is the home to many unusual animals.  We finally got a close look at the Tasmanian Devil, got to pet a wombat, koala, and more kangaroos.  Unfortunately, it was raining (again) and we tried to spend time undercover to see the animals.  

That evening our tour group was split for a dinner with local families.  We went to an historic monument that our hosts, Diane and Rod lease from the government.  The Shot Tower was built in 1870 along with the house overlooking the Derwent River.  Diane and Rod had some friends to help with the food preparation and serving since the kitchen was 2 floors below.  We had a great time with our hosts and even learned some history of the house and the tower.  Wine flowed freely, the fireplace was warming us and the fruit dessert was wonderful.

The next morning we had some free time to wonder around Hobart.  I enjoy the old buildings some took some more pictures.  We wondered into St. David's Cathedral - what a nice church.  Close by was the Tasmanian museum and Art Gallery.  We enjoyed it very much and wished we had more time to explore the exhibits.  Right down Macquarie Street we found a public works building with free Internet.  It was an interesting find.

Our group met at Victoria Docks for lunch at the Mures Fish Restaurant.  It's a family owned business that also does fishing and exporting.  Lunch of fish and chips was fantastic.  Afterwards the owner explained how they fish for deep water trevalla and pink ling fish.

On the way to the airport we stopped at the Royal Botanical Gardens on the Queens Domain.

That afternoon we flew to Melbourne.