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Explorama Lodge History

Explorama ecotourism centers – The Explorama Company owns and operates three  ecotourism centers.  The three lodges are the Explorama Lodge, the first and still the largest and most popular destination (we spent one night here); Explorama Inn, the most modern, with indoor plumbing and electricity (we used this as a restroom break on the three hour boat trip back to Iquitos); and Explornapo Camp – a more rustic facility, well away from civilization, located in the Sucusari nature preserve, along the Napo River (we spent three nights here).  

The lodges were founded by Peter Jenson, an archaeologist/geologist/anthropologist who came to Peru in the early 1960s to spend two years as one of the first Peace Corps volunteers working at archaeological sites in the Andes.  Having finished his term of service, Peter decided to see the rainforest while he was in the country. He flew to Iquitos, decided to rent a boat and take tourists on day trips down the river, and then founded his own tourist company and settled in for what has turned out to be more than thirty years of operating Explorama Tours.

Amazon Basin

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