2nd Sahara Camp

camp01.jpg (27409 bytes)
The campsite
camp02.jpg (52106 bytes)
Shower tents
camp03.jpg (56789 bytes)
Staff tents in foreground
camp04.jpg (28028 bytes)
Nothing around us
camp05.jpg (51390 bytes)
Handing the hot water up to tower
camp06.jpg (58101 bytes)
Staff pouring hot water in tower for shower
camp10.jpg (49675 bytes)
Shower tent
camp11.jpg (48705 bytes)
Notice shower head and wooden floor
camp07.jpg (59170 bytes)
Our tent
camp08.jpg (59594 bytes)
I slept on the left
camp09.jpg (40231 bytes)
Latrine tent
Toilet, water bucket to "flush" and waste basket for paper AND lots of toilet paper
camp12.jpg (60064 bytes)
That's Ann & Kirsten doing laundry
|  Sahara Desert 2 camp13.jpg (48592 bytes)
It dried pretty fast
camp14.jpg (44820 bytes)
Front: Ann with laundry bucket, Cris & Hassan
Rear: Kirsten and John
camp15.jpg (70280 bytes)
Staff cook doing morning pancakes