Royal Palace

palace01.jpg (54957 bytes)
The Royal Palace
palace02.jpg (70019 bytes)
Main gate to the palace grounds
palace03.jpg (76853 bytes)
Some of the guards at the main gate

palace05.jpg (99539 bytes)
Closer view of the main gate
palace04.jpg (106605 bytes)
Some more guards
palace06.jpg (48457 bytes)
Another guard
palace07.jpg (65708 bytes)
Another view of the palace
palace08.jpg (81499 bytes)
Our guide, Hassan
palace09.jpg (93159 bytes)
Flowering tree
palace10.jpg (152774 bytes)
Subal looking at me, Kirsten on the right
palace11.jpg (91565 bytes)
Close-up of the lfowers
palace12.jpg (149827 bytes)
Another flowering tree
palace13.jpg (84910 bytes)
Beautiful, clean streets inside the grounds
palace14.jpg (92347 bytes)
Government offices
palace16.jpg (54976 bytes)
Wall around the palace grounds
palace15.jpg (39466 bytes)
Some more of the wall

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