Archeological Museum

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Bronze Horse Head
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Built in 1932 and enlarged a few years later to display the finds resulting from intense archaeological research, this museum has housed the National Museum collections since 1986. It is one of the most sumptuous in Morocco and should certainly not be missed!

The prehistoric section brings together human remains from the middle Paleolithic period (probably Neanderthals) to the Neolithic (4000 B.C.), proving the continuity and size of the population at this time.

The Islamic archaeology section is constantly growing with finds coming from the excavations of the 8th and 9th century sites. 

Enabling us to have a clear idea of their potters, herdsmen, surgeons and bakers have left us the legacy of their tools, while their womenfolk have left us their jewelry and the animals their harnesses.

Pre-Roman and Roman civilizations are particularly well-represented by some of the finest pieces to have survived from those periods. there is a first-rate collection of Hellenistic-style bronzes, so exceptional that it is difficult to know where to look first: the "Drunken Donkey", passionately lyrical, an incomparable masterpiece from the time of Augustus, the "Volubilis Dog" with its stunning realism, the "Young man Crowned With Ivy", a marvel of elegance and grace and the "Heads of Young Berbers" in marble, remarkable for their technical perfection and the vigorous strength of their expression.

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