Mohammed V Mausoleum

mausoleum01.jpg (73218 bytes)
Mausoleum from outside the walled area
mausoleum02.jpg (54665 bytes)
Horse guard on the left of entrance
mausoleum03.jpg (62632 bytes)
Horse guard on the right of entrance
mausoleum04.jpg (49810 bytes)
Tour Hassan Mosque remains - minaret and pillars
mausoleum05.jpg (44156 bytes)
Small mosque next to mausoleum
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Mausoleum building
mausoleum07.jpg (73061 bytes)
Lamp on stairs to mausoleum looking back to the Atlantic
mausoleum08.jpg (52121 bytes)
National flag
mausoleum09.jpg (67125 bytes)
There I am trying to get the guard to smile
mausoleum10.jpg (70224 bytes)
Mohammed V casket in the middle, Hassan II on left and Mohammed's brother on the right
mausoleum11.jpg (91237 bytes)
Looking down on the caskets
mausoleum12.jpg (124337 bytes)
Beautiful tiles in the mausoleum
|  Rabat  mausoleum13.jpg (82995 bytes)
Horse guard at other entrance. I tried to lead the horse.
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Looking back at the old wall and minaret
mausoleum15.jpg (72650 bytes)
Changing of the horse guard