Hassan II Mosque

mosque01.jpg (55521 bytes)
Our first look at the mosque
mosque32.jpg (28503 bytes)
The minaret is over 600 feet - tallest in the world.
mosque03.jpg (41543 bytes)
Tough to get the entire structure in a picture
mosque31.jpg (53524 bytes)
From the huge plaza
mosque30.jpg (60285 bytes)
There I am on the plaza
mosque05.jpg (49907 bytes)
Medersa and library
mosque15.jpg (71971 bytes)
Smaller plaza, looking toward the Atlantic
mosque08.jpg (71154 bytes)
One of the many entrances
mosque09.jpg (75759 bytes) mosque10.jpg (77512 bytes) mosque11.jpg (61194 bytes)
mosque12.jpg (97547 bytes)
Tiled bath area
mosque13.jpg (74855 bytes)
Part of pool area area
mosque14.jpg (58870 bytes)
Pool area with water
mosque25.jpg (71353 bytes)
Tarnished by salt air - gold light
mosque26.jpg (52280 bytes)
Same material - gold leaf in the ablution area

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