Sans Souci Palace

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These pictures were obtained from the Internet since we arrived after sunset

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Short history:

      • 1744    Frederic the Great orders a small palace to be build on the former "Wüsten Berg". Frederic the Great wanted the palace to be build without a cellar, in contrast to his friend and architect Knobelsdorf.  If you walk through Sanssouci in the winter, you will be able to feel why this was a big mistake.
      • 1745    Building starts. Some month before, Frederic the Great had already ordered a mausoleum to be build, where, according to the legend, he then could be "without worries" (French = "sans souci"). However, until 1991, only his dogs were buried there. He himself was first buried in the Garnisonskirche in Potsdam and later on in Hechingen.
      • After the Seven Years War, Frederic the Great finally decided to live in Potsdam and leave Berlin.