Upper Town/Old City

upper town01.JPG (71663 bytes)
South Tower of city wall
upper town02.JPG (65925 bytes)
Typical street inside city wall
upper town03.JPG (79652 bytes)
Outline of old city wall

upper town10.JPG (92630 bytes)
Local building
upper town04.JPG (69139 bytes)
Municipal Museum
upper town09.JPG (80884 bytes)
Symbol over entrance to museum
upper town06.JPG (56787 bytes)
Symbol of museum
upper town08.JPG (67604 bytes)
Painted window - previously was convent
upper town07.JPG (102233 bytes)
Inner courtyard of museum
upper town11.JPG (52701 bytes)
Still working gas lamps
upper town12.JPG (95528 bytes)
Gas lamps at private residence
upper town15.JPG (73481 bytes)
Building on same street with gas lamps
zagreb gas lamp.jpg (46358 bytes)
Gas lamp 
upper town13.JPG (81066 bytes)
One of the main streets
upper town16.JPG (100981 bytes)
Side street
upper town14.JPG (98027 bytes)
Old water well in museum courtyard
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