Lotrscak Tower

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Overlooks Lower town
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Cannon fires at noon each day

lotrscak tower03.JPG (84931 bytes)
From base of tower, looking out over the Lower Town
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More of Lower Town
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Looking towards central city
lotrscak tower04.JPG (73859 bytes)
Another view across town
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Panoramic view of the city from the train station looking toward Old Town 
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Funicular coming up to tower base
lotrscak tower08.JPG (95950 bytes)
Getting closer
zagreb funicular railway.jpg (68189 bytes)
Funicular station at bottom
lotrscak tower09.JPG (109742 bytes)
View from the bottom

Lotrscak is a four-sided Romanesque tower which had its fourth floor added in the mid-19th century when the widows were also put in.  It was erected in the mid-13th century by the southern city walls.  It was made of different shaped stones that were mixed with bricks in places, while the walls were 195 centimeters thick, just the same as in other Gradec towers.

Lotrscak had got its name from campana latrunculorum (the bell of thieves) and it rang out each evening before the city doors were closed.  Each day for more than 100 years a cannon is fired from the top of the Lotrscak tower marking midday and also being fired in remembrance of an event from Zagreb's history.  Legend has it that the Gric cannon had fired a cannonball at a Turkish position across the Sava river and had smothered a turkey or a cock that the Turkish cook had been carrying to the Pasha.  After that the Turks fled and did not hit on Zagreb.  The Lotrscak tower is now an exhibition area and a gift shop of the nearby gallery.

Zagreb funicular is one of the shortest funiculars on the world - the length of the track is only 66 meters! The need for a means of transport that would connect different parts of the town appeared when Zagreb started to developed around historical nucleus in the Upper town. 

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