St. Catherine's Church

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Facade of church
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Main Altar
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Side altar with painting of St. Catherine

The Church of St. Catherine is one of the most beautiful Zagreb sacral buildings.  It was erected by the Jesuits between 1620 and 1632 in the place of the Dominican church that used to stand there. The church was damaged several times by fires and earthquakes, but most of its Baroque elements on the outside have been preserved as well as the inside sections.  Most of its artistic inventory derives from the 17th century and some from the start of the 18th.  The stucco was made by the Italian artist Antonio Quadrio around 1720, while the big medallions with scenes from St. Catherine's life on the ceiling were done by Italian painter Giulio Quaglia several years later.  Particularly interesting is the altar of St. Ignacio by artist Francesco Robba.   The main altar dates from 1762 and behind which is the illusionist fresco "St. Catherine among Alexandrine Philosophers and Writers" by Kristof Andrej Jelovsek also dating from 1762.

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