Zagreb Cathedral
Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary 
(formerly St. Stephen's Cathedral)

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Approaching the Cathedral
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Facade cleaning in progress

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Main altar
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Main Altar
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Neo-Gothic Byzantine altar of Saints Cyril & Methodius from 1903
cathedral09.JPG (91813 bytes)
Marble side altar
cathedral11.JPG (138495 bytes)
Frescoes from 14th century
cathedral06.jpg (121604 bytes)
Cyrillic writing
cathedral10.JPG (107518 bytes)
Christ's Passion altar Triptych - 15th century
cathedral16.JPG (128540 bytes)
Close-up of the triptych
cathedral13.JPG (114128 bytes)
Organ with 6068 pipes and 78 registers - built in 1855 & restored 1987
cathedral14.JPG (129562 bytes)
Windows made in Munich in 1847
cathedral20.JPG (89567 bytes)
The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin
cathedral19.JPG (113510 bytes)
Inscription under painting

Cathedral Timeline

1093-94 The Zagreb Bishopric founded.
1217 Construction of the transitional Romanesque-style cathedral completed and consecration effected.
1242 The Cathedral heavily damaged by the Tartars.
1264-1284 The new east part of the Cathedral constructed in Gothic style, with lower vaults in side aisles.
1356-1433 The west walls and lower sections of the two belfries constructed in Gothic style.
1500-1510 The vaults of equal height in all three aisles and the elevated choir between the east and west part of the Cathedral were built.
1624 & 1645 Two catastrophic fires heavily damaged the Cathedral.  The Cathedral was reconstructed and massive southern Renaissance-style bell-tower built.
18th century The Gothic Cathedral was furnished with Baroque marble furnishings (pulpit, altars).
1852 The Zagreb Bishopric becomes Archbishopric.
1880 During an earthquake some vaults were destroyed, some altars wrecked, a bell-tower seriously damaged, etc.
1880-1902 A general restoration which gave the Cathedral its present appearance, including the two neo-Gothic bell-towers erected upon the ancient lower sections
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