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Udine & Trieste, Italy
10 Nov 2004

History of Udine  |   History of Trieste  |   Short history of Italy
Picture pages:  Border crossing  |  Udine-Liberty Square  |  Udine-Old Town  |  Udine-Cathedral   |  Trieste-Miramare Castle   |  Trieste Cathedral

On the trip to Italy we crossed 28 km of Slovenia.  I guess Slovenia needed that small stretch of Adriatic Coast.  The border crossing to Italy went pretty fast.  Just needed to show our passports when the border agent came on the bus.

Since our trip to Venice was cancelled because of flooding, we still made a full day trip to two cities in northeastern Italy - Udine and Trieste

Udine has a population of about 100,000.  Mostly Slovenia is spoken.  We passed the largest cemetery in Europe, mostly from World War I - over 100,000 graves.  Our tour guide gave an excellent history of the town and pointed out interesting landmarks.  Liberty Square was our first stop.  A building on Liberty Square was covered to protect us from the rain, so spent some time there learning about the town's history.  We entered the Old Town through a stone gate.

The cathedral was in the old town.

It rained for most of our visit, but we still wondered around town.  We were given 10 each to have lunch on our own.  John elected to have some delicious pizza from a small store.

Then we got lost because all the streets curved or dead-ended into small squares.  We had to ask directions about 4 or 5 times to find our way out of the walled old town and back to our bus.

We then proceeded to Miramare Castle on Trieste Bay.  We had a wonderful guided tour but were not allowed to take pictures inside.  It was windy but not raining walking around the castle.  The wind was whipping up some rough seas in the bay.

Only a few miles away was the city of Trieste.  It was dark and raining when we arrived.  We went to the top of the hill overlooking the city to visit the Cathedral di San Guisto.

After the full day in Italy we returned to Opatija