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We arrived in Edmonton Saturday evening.  Had a little problem finding a motel room, finally settled on a Travelodge not far from the West Edmonton Mall.  We spent 2 nights in Edmonton since all day Sunday was spent in the mall.

The largest mall in the world lived up to its billing:  ice skating/hockey rink, amusement park, huge swimming pool/water sports park, dolphin tank, submarine ride, hotel with rooms overlooking the mall, tiger cubs and lots of stores (over 800).  We counted 3 McDonald's and most restaurants had more than one presence in the mall.  They also had two multiplex movie theaters.  People were walking into the mall with picnic/ice chests to spend the day at the huge wave pool.   Click on Mall 1 and Mall 2 to see the pictures.

We drove around Edmonton a little and got lost.  The view of the city from the other side of the river is spectacular.  Driving south we encountered a cattle drive along one of the country roads.  One of the riders stopped so I could take his picture.