Tower of London
History of the Tower

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Model of huge facility
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Took this on exit from the underground station
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Walking to the entrance
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Outside wall
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Notice flag at half mast
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Guard by the Jewel Tower
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The White Tower
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The Fusiliers' Museum
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Horse and body armor
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Body armor
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Display of weapons
P3310131.jpg (45672 bytes)
Famous golden lion
P3310134.jpg (49639 bytes)
Tried to sneak a picture of crown jewels
P3310136.jpg (51894 bytes)
Tried again to get some more jewel pictures

The Tower of London

One of the oldest buildings in London dates from about 1100.  Throughout its long history the Tower has served as a royal palace and fortress, prison and place of execution, an arsenal, royal mint, menagerie and jewel house.  The last king to live in the Tower was James I in the 17th century. 

The Crown Jewels have been housed there since the 14th century.  they are in glass cases in a very dark room with only a little light in each case.  No pictures were allowed but I did manage to get a couple without really focusing the camera and without flash.

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