St. Albans Cathedral

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Beautiful stained glass

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Side Altar

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Main Altar

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Village groups
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Lake by cathedral

St. Albans

About two centuries after Jesus died on the cross, a significant death occurred in this city.  Living in the Roman City of Verulamium at the bottom of the hill was a man called Alban.  He gave shelter to a Christian priest known as Amphibalus who was fleeing Roman persecution and was so deeply impressed by what the priest had to say about Jesus that he become a Christian too.

The hiding place discovered, Alban gave himself up in place of the priest and, because he refused to denounce his new faith was beheaded on this hillside, the first British Christian martyr.  Ever since, people have journeyed to this place to remember Alban and all that he stands for.  

They come to pray for peace and healing and to seek God.  They came in such numbers in the early Middle Ages that St. Albans became the premier Abbey in all England.  A yearly pilgrimage is staged over the Easter weekend with a celebration on Easter Monday.

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