Changing of the Horse Guard

This was not planned - just happened to be walking by the parade ground when we saw a crowd gathering.  The Horse Guards are across the street from St. James Park and only a short walk from Buckingham Palace.

P3290025.jpg (59991 bytes)
Coming into the parade area
P3290030.jpg (54732 bytes)
Lining up
P3290031.jpg (46870 bytes)
The "red" guards on one side
P3290032.jpg (52988 bytes)
The "black" guards on facing side
P3290034.jpg (56122 bytes)
On the parade grounds to the east
P3290036.jpg (29577 bytes)
P3290041.jpg (50288 bytes)
At the guard station
P3290042.jpg (55306 bytes)
Horse Guards on either side of gate

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