Hampton Court Palace

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Main entrance

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Blooming tree with daffodils

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Gardens in rear of palace
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Carriage road
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Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace was the home to some of Britain's most famous monarchs and the setting for many great events during nearly 500 years of royal history.  Viewed from the west, Hampton Court is the red brick Tudor palace of Henry VIII (1509-1547); from the east it presents the stately Baroque facade of William III (1689-1702).  The interior reflects the different tastes of its royal residents and is furnished with great works of art, many still in the positions for which they were originally intended. 

The buildings of Hampton Court Palace cover an area of over six acres.  The beautiful gardens and extensive parklands, set by the side of the Thames River, cover 60 acres.  The world-famous Maze covers over 1350 square meters.

Each side of the palace looks different. At the main entrance it has red bricks and lots of chimneys, but on the garden side is has a classicistic look with white marble. There are also different looking gardens: the one with the shaven trees, a landscape garden, a garden with a lot of flowers and there is even a labyrinth (always nice for court ladies with more time than duties).

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