Uluru at Sunset

uluru-sunset-03.jpg (42641 bytes)
Taken from bus as we were driving to the sunset parking area
uluru-sunset-08.jpg (58634 bytes)
Waiting for something to happen
uluru-sunset-16.jpg (48313 bytes)
The top of Uluru is just barely red
uluru-sunset-14.jpg (47851 bytes)
This is what it's all about.  Sunset changes the color of the rock
uluru-sunset-06.jpg (56605 bytes)
That's me just as we arrived for the sunset
uluru-sunset-07.jpg (65338 bytes)
Champagne tailgate party.  Our driver is getting the dips ready.
uluru-sunset-10.jpg (56999 bytes)
That's our tour bus for all 15 of us
uluru-sunset-12.jpg (59304 bytes)
The only group picture with all 15 and our drinking leader
uluru-sunset-22.jpg (44870 bytes)
Kata Tjuta about 25 miles away
uluru-sunset-20.jpg (37281 bytes)
Couple of minutes later
uluru-sunset-15.jpg (47986 bytes)
Sunset at the other side of the parking area
Australia&NZ 089.jpg (146015 bytes)
Getting better
Could not make up my mind which sunset picture was the best.  So here are all three.  Absolutely beautiful, WOW! uluru-sunset-17.jpg (40367 bytes) uluru-sunset-18.jpg (42859 bytes) uluru-sunset-19.jpg (40033 bytes)

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