Mures Fish Centre

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Local fishing boat
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Preparing fresh fish
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In 1973, the Mures opened Mures Fish House in Battery Point, Hobart.  In 1986 the family built Mures Fish Centre, their restaurant complex at Victoria Dock. 

William, the owner, gave a short talk on fishing.  They fish with a 14 km fish line that unwinds at 3 hooks per second into water up to 2000 feet deep.  They use a 50 kg rail x2 at the start and 50 kg rail at the end.  The line is left overnight anchored to a buoy, then reeled in the next morning.  When reeling in the line, fish are automatically de-hooked and deposited in a holding tank.  William told us the fish have won numerous awards for freshness.  He also gave us a tour of his factory behind his retail fish restaurant.  It was all very interesting.  We needed to wear hair nets and walk through a disinfectant tray before entering the factory.  Only 2 men were cleaning and cutting the fish.  All scrap fish part are used for pet foods.

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