Mt. Field National Park

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Douglas Falls
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Douglas Falls
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That's me at the falls
It's raining in the rainforest
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Giant Gum Tree
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Giant Gum Tree and me

The Mt Field National Park is one of Tasmania's most loved and oldest (1916) national parks.  Few other national parks in Australia offer such a diversity in vegetation, ranging from tall swamp gum forests and massive tree ferns at the base of the mountain, through rainforest, to alpine vegetation at the higher elevations.

The park essentially has two visitor sections. The first, near the park entrance, includes picnic facilities and the famous Russell Falls. Stunning walks through enormous fern forests and some of the tallest trees in the world are available in this area.

The second visitor section is centered at Lake Dobson and includes the long day walks and skiing areas. Dramatic mountain scenery and alpine plant communities are a feature of the higher parts of the park.

Some of the eucalypt gum trees in the park are over 400 years old, 90 meters high and 20 meters around the base.

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