Dinner with Diane & Rod and Judy & Ross

dinner01.jpg (58967 bytes)
Rod is our host
dinner03.jpg (54158 bytes)
Our hostess Diane in middle
dinner02.jpg (64486 bytes)
Helping hostess is Judy

The Shot Tower is one of the State’s most historic industrial buildings and visitor tourist attractions - having a National Trust ‘A’ classification. 

Completed in 1870 by Joseph Moir, a native of Kelso, Scotland, the Tower is the only circular stone shot tower remaining in the world. The stone was obtained from a disused convict quarry situated on the top of the hill across the valley from the tower. Each stone on the outside of the tower is curved and tapered and the total number of blocks is estimated to be more that 8000.  The tower is 48 meters high.

This is the building next to the Shot Tower where we had dinner.  Our host family showed us a video on the history and the purpose of the shot tower and then conducted a tour. 

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