Queen Victoria Building
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Cartwheel stained glass window
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Great Australian Clock
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Open in central area
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Original Elevator
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Back of elevator
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Queen's crown jewels
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The Royal Clock
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Henry VIII (1509-1547) and his 5+1 wives
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The Knighting of Francis Drake by Queen Elizabeth I aboard the "Golden Hind" 1588
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The execution of Charles I in front of the banqueting hall Whitehall, London, 30 Jan 1649
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The head coming off
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The Death of Harold - The Battle of Hastings 14 Oct 1066
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King John signing the Magna Carte at Runnymead 1215
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King Canute "ordering" the tide to stop coming in 1016
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Original tile in men's room
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Beautiful tile and wood in men's room
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Queen Victoria in front of building
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Can cross diagonally when lights change

The Great Australian Clock

     The grand clock, located on the northern side of the Queen Victoria centre dome, is the world's largest hanging animated turret clock.  Taking four years to build and costing more than $1.5 million dollars.  The Great Australian Clock was installed in June 2000.  The clock chimes hourly at half past the hour.
     It tells the story of Australia from the perspective of both Aboriginal and European settlers in extraordinary detail.  The aim of the clockmaker, Mr. Chris Cook, is to encourage a better understanding of Australia's past.
     The mechanical specifications are impressive.  Weighing 4 tonnes and standing 10 mertres tall, this handmade masterpiece includes 33 picture scenes, 15 of them animated.  It has a total of 32 clock movements, 12 of which display international times, 33 paintings, 867 light bulbs and 138 hand carved figurines.  The dome is coated in 23 carat gold and the doors, numerals and deckles in 23 carat gold leaf.

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The Royal Clock

     Unveiled in 1986, this remarkable and unique Royal Automated Clock chimes on the hour between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. daily.
     Immediately following the Westminster chimes you will see a moving Royal pageant showing famous events taken from the colorful pages of English history.
     The Royal Clock was the concept and design of Neil Glasser and was handcrafted by Thwaites & Reed of Hastings, England, who are keepers of the famous Big Ben at the Palace of Westminster in London.  The Royal Clock took four years to complete.
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