Sydney - Darling Harbor
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Monorail and pedestrian bridge
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Hotel Ibis on west side of harbor
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Dream yachts
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Naval vessel at National Maritime Museum
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National Flag
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The obligatory pigeons
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Light rail by Haymarket

Darling Harbor

This huge waterfront tourist and leisure park comprises walkways, gardens, museums, an aquarium, convention center, casino, eateries and shops. It was once a thriving dockland area, but it declined to the level of an urban eyesore before being reinvented as Darling Harbor in the 1980s by a combination of vision, planning, politicking, forbearance and huge amounts of cash. The emphasis is on casual fun and enjoyment of the kind appreciated by families with small children and coach tourists. The highlights are the Sydney Aquarium, the Australian National Maritime Museum, the water sculpture, the Chinese Garden, the massive IMAX Theatre, and the nearby Powerhouse Museum, Sydney's most spectacular museum.

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