Shotover River - Jetboat

shotover03.jpg (60736 bytes)
The group just before ride
Notice the great outfits
shotover02.jpg (67870 bytes)
That's us in the front row
shotover01.jpg (62179 bytes)
We are still alive
shotover26.jpg (68731 bytes)
shotover20.jpg (68489 bytes)
Narrow canyon
shotover13.jpg (65729 bytes)
Jetboat can function in 4 inches of water
shotover22.jpg (83483 bytes)
Narrow canyon
shotover23.jpg (98004 bytes)
Shallow river looking down from our hotel
shotover24.jpg (79603 bytes)
Rest of pictures from our hotel
shotover25.jpg (68487 bytes)
We could see and hear the jetboats from our hotel
shotover27.jpg (69702 bytes) shotover28.jpg (64459 bytes)

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