Cruise on Doubtful Sound

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Huge waterfall
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Rainbow developing

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Beautiful rainbow

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Couple coming into sound for anchorage
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Opening to the Tasman Sea
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John having a drink
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Up on the bridge
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Reminds me of the Three Gorges in China
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Another big waterfall
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Pleasure boats 
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Fiordland Navigator
Doubtful Sound - The Sound of Silence
Coined the ’Sound of Silence’ Doubtful Sound is the deepest of Fiordland’s 13 fiords. Virtually untouched by man, its cascading waterfalls and serene, brooding atmosphere is quite simply, breathtaking.  A cruise on Doubtful sound is a journey into a land of mist and mystery.  This is a primeval wonderland.

Three times longer than Milford Sound and with a surface area 10 times larger, this is an unspoiled wilderness of many moods.  There are three distinct arms and several amazing waterfalls. Browne Falls cascade 619m to the fiord near Hall Arm; Helena Falls are an attractive feature of Deep Cove.

Captain James Cook sighted the entrance to Doubtful Sound on his first voyage to New Zealand in 1770. He called the place Doubtful Harbor.

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