Canterbury Museum, Christchurch

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Street performer outside museum
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Late 19th century building
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Fountain in front of museum
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Some Maori art
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Kirsten with her horse
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Some penguins
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Actual Antarctic exploring machines
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Real early exploring machine

Canterbury Museum is renowned for having some of the finest cultural and natural collections in New Zealand, as well as for its creative and imaginative displays.  Housed in one of Christchurch's finest historic buildings, Canterbury Museum has world class displays of geology, zoology, Maori, Asian and European collections.

Other highlights are the late 19th century Christchurch Street, the very exciting hands-on Discovery Centre for children of all ages, the world's top stories from Antarctica's heroic era of discovery and exploration, and "Living Canterbury" - a look at what makes the environment special and ways to protect it.  The Museum's Exhibition Court features a range of changing special exhibitions.

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