Tasman Glacier

glacier-01.jpg (48959 bytes)
Headed for the base of the glacier
glacier-02.jpg (29109 bytes)
The Alps peeking through
glacier-03.jpg (63681 bytes)
Still on the way up to the glacier
glacier-04.jpg (38240 bytes)
Notice the water coming down behind me
glacier-05.jpg (56394 bytes) glacier-06.jpg (43953 bytes) glacier-07.jpg (66841 bytes) glacier-08.jpg (51766 bytes)
Water from the melting glacier
glacier-10.jpg (43889 bytes)
That's a waterfall between the mountains
glacier-09.jpg (69544 bytes)
Four Japanese guys headed back to their camp.
I took their group picture.
glacier-11.jpg (63965 bytes)
Either we were too high or the clouds were awfully low

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