Turner Sheep Farm

farm-01.jpg (67724 bytes)
Stan explaining sheep ranching
farm-03.jpg (45781 bytes)
Ready to shear
farm-06.jpg (66005 bytes)
Electric shear
farm-07.jpg (62924 bytes)
Hand shearing
farm-14.jpg (87479 bytes)
Using whistle commands
farm-09.jpg (69137 bytes)
Here come the sheep
farm-15.jpg (80443 bytes)
The dog is bringing the sheep to us
farm-13.jpg (76623 bytes)
Even collected a Ram
farm-16.jpg (80559 bytes)
Then he guards the sheep
farm-17.jpg (61684 bytes)
Sheep shearing shed
farm-18.jpg (95891 bytes)
The family house
farm-19.jpg (77551 bytes)
Our group is sitting down to have lunch

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