Ghan Train

train-01.jpg (67814 bytes)
The Ghan
train-02.jpg (83025 bytes)
Me and the train
train-05.jpg (39288 bytes)
Jon, our steward
train-14.jpg (72888 bytes)
Dining car
train-04.jpg (28030 bytes)
Kirsten in the bathroom
train-03.jpg (29297 bytes)
Our compartment
train-10.jpg (28574 bytes)
Top bunk down for the night
train-13.jpg (33454 bytes)
Solar power station for train switches (in the middle of nowhere)
train-09.jpg (42210 bytes)
Crossing the Finke River
train-11.jpg (50288 bytes)
The true Outback
train-12.jpg (45892 bytes)
Approaching sunset
train-20.jpg (86305 bytes)
Indian Pacific that goes east-west (Sydney-Perth)
Our Ghan Train was 23 cars and 500 meters long.  We had 122 passengers in first-class, 18 staff, which work 3 days turnaround then 6 days off.  They communicate with the engineer via short wave radio.  There is only one track with occasional side tracks for passing freight trains.  Sometimes the Ghan train can be up to 1 kilometer long in the busy season.

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