Telegraph Station

station-10.jpg (102051 bytes)
Our first sighting of a kangaroo in the wild
station-01.jpg (83832 bytes)
Restored buildings
station-11.jpg (52923 bytes)
Some more buildings
station-18.jpg (48050 bytes)
Original copper telegraph wires
station-13.jpg (55037 bytes)
Original equipment on display
station-12.jpg (70241 bytes)
Tree from 1st settlement
station-16.jpg (87811 bytes)
Supply wagon
station-17.jpg (83231 bytes)
Original tools
station-19.jpg (89164 bytes)
Site of original Alice Spring water by Todd River
station-15.jpg (97446 bytes)
Wild birds watching us
station-20.jpg (48932 bytes)
Alec showing us how to throw the boomerang
station-21.jpg (78383 bytes)
Ken also showing us how not to throw it

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