Road Train

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16 trailers

road_train-10.jpg (61505 bytes)29 Trailers

After several hours of hard work 29 trailers were connected to a 500 hp Mack Superliner.
Total length was 437 meters and calculated weight 500 tons.
The monster was driven at a slow speed, app 4 km's into the town by Kevin Bowden a local operator whose family has a long history in Road transport in the Bourke area.

Road train rolls into record books

The tiny Queensland/New South Wales border town of Mungindi has rumbled into the record books by putting together the world's longest road train.  It comprised 87 trailers stretching just over 1.2 kilometres and weighing almost 1,200 tonnes.

It was hauled by a single 600 horsepower prime mover.

A section of the Canarvon Highway was closed for most of the day while the rigs from throughout New South Wales and Queensland were connected for the record-breaking run of just 500 metres.

The event was organised to benefit a number of local charities and bettered the previous record of 79 trailers set in Kalgoorlie in October 2000.

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